Below are some of the most common FAQs – questions I’m asked and their answers.
If your question is not answered here then you may contact me here

How exactly is your “Black Magic Voodoo” spell better than
a traditional “white magic” spell?

Doktor Skull Replies:
Even diehard Wiccans (who’s faith I respect greatly) admit
that white magic lacks the sheer “force” to effect and change
a situation. Black Magic Voodoo is by nature a very much
stronger form of magic that can actually transform a situation
to what you wish.

How fast do your spells work?

Doktor Skull Replies:
As soon as your spell is cast – the powerful Black Magic Voodoo
forces are making your wish come true (see guarantee below).

Are your Black Magic Voodoo Spells dangerous?

Doktor Skull Replies:
If cast by me, no. I cast the spells in such a way as to
be 100% free of any rebound or negativity.

I know about spells and occult magic – why shouldn’t I
save money and cast a spell myself?

Doktor Skull Replies:
Would you try to administer brain surgery to yourself?
Or attempt a heart bypass? Attempting this most potent
magic-work by yourself is almost certain to end in failure.
Absolutely not recommended!

Do your spells still work if I am in another country?

Doktor Skull Replies:
Yes indeed! Physical distance is no object and I have
transformed the lives of many happy clients
throughout the world.

My currency is USD not English Pounds – how does this
affect ordering?

Doktor Skull Replies:
Your card company will convert automatically so there is
no problem in ordering from the USA or any other country.
For accurate exchange rates simply check on the internet
– although this makes little difference as you simply
submit your details on the Secure Payment form.

I need your magick! How Do I order?

Doktor Skull Replies:
When you see the spell you want – simply click on the
link or button and you will be taken to the Secure Payment

What happens after I order my spell?

Doktor Skull Replies:
As soon as you request your spell and complete the
Secure Payment form – you will be taken to a “Thank You”
page confirming your submission and requesting some simple

Within 24 hours from your order you would be sent an Email
from me confirming what is being done for you.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Doktor Skull Replies:
Yes indeed, a 12 month guarantee – which gives you the security
of knowing that, in the most unlikely event, if after a full
12 months you are not satisfied, your fee will be happily returned
to you.

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